Plug and play

Technical Specifications

Pulser Section


Negative square pulse


200 V max

Repetition frequency (PRF)

Up to 10KHz programmable (single shot under software control).

Pulse width

50nS to 1 ÁS(16.6 nS step) at 50% amplitude.


4 BNC sockets ( 2 per channel)


50 Ohms or 470 Ohms jumper selectable

Receiver Section


0.1 MHz to 15 MHz or 2 Mhz to 7 MHz at - 6dB filtered(more on request).


6 dB to 80 dB(step 0.3 dB).Dynamic range 74 dB.

Input Voltage

2 Vpp

Analog signal processing

Double rectified on card.
Suppression ( 0 to 20% of full screen
= 0 to 200mV programmable
RF processing available on request.


Pulse echo or transmission, jumper selectable.
Combination channel A as pulser channel B as receiver.

Signal processing

8 bits A/D flash converter 60 MHz( 2 each) after rectifying.


Post trigger 0 to 6553 ÁS in 100nS step.

Buffer Memory

1 Kb to 512 Kb buffer fully adressable per channel readable during new acquisition.
Real time operation-Directly processed in FPGA device DMA control.
Data transfert at 50Mb/S(average) .


2 individual gates per channel
programmable separately.
Delay : 273 ÁS in 16.6 nS step
Width : 273 ÁS in 13.6 nS step
Peak value in each gate 8 bits.
Position value of peak in each gate 14 bits.

Interrupt level

Plug and play

Base Adress

Plug and play for all functions up to 16 cards in parallel(32 channels) with PCI bridge.

Power Supplies

+5V +12 V only


Slot PCI bus lenght 220 mm
Height solder side : 3 mm,height component side : 24 or 17 mm.

Operating Temperature

0 to 40░ C in computer

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Specs. SFT4001H-PCI

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