Specs. ERW Pipes
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Main features

This multichannel UT system uses the latest Sofratest digitally programmable UT card with 2 complete channels on the same board(4 boards in total) configured in pulse echo or trough transmission.

Outline specifications :

-   Mill speed , more than 120m/mn,fully synchronized.
-   2000 meas/S for each channel(parallel mode).
-   4 channels weld inspection 2 ID and 2 OD.
-   4 channels delamination.
-   Alarm and warning for each channel.
-   Coupling alarm for each channel ,tested at each shot.
-   paint marking controller, with programmable shift register.
-   Cut off alarm with independant shift register.
-   Tracking system link trough "Profibus" communication.
-   Stand alone or PLC coupled.
-   Real time event envelope.

Option : air cooling or air conditionning

Specifications subject to change

channel setting fully programmable

event envelop tied mill speed

I/O interface control

Report on local printer

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