SFT 4001-USB
Technical Specifications

 Pulser Section


Negative square pulse.









200 V max

 Repetition frequency (PRF)

Up to 10 KHz programmable
(single shot under software control)

 Pulse Width

50 nS to 1 µS(10 nS step) at 50% amplitude


2 LEMO size 0.


50 Ohms or 800 Ohms programmable

 Receiver Section


0.9 to 15 MHz at -6dB
6 dB to 80dB(0,3dB steps) Real gain
Dynamic range74dB.


6 dB to 70 dB(step 0.3 dB).

 Input Voltage

2 Vpp  5   5 (before saturation)

 Analog Signal Processing

RF and video full rectified on card
  Suppression ( 0 to 10% of full screen)programmable.


Pulse echo or transmission,

 Signal  Processing

8 bits A/D  converter 100 MHz .


Post trigger 0 to 6553 µS in 100nS step.


1 Kb to 512 kB  buffer fully addressable per channel readable during new acquisition-real time operation-Directly processed in FPGA
device.Data transfer at 50Mb/s(average)


2 individual gates per channel programmable separately.
Delay : 273 µS in 10 nS step.
Width :273 µS in 10 nS step.
Peak value in each gate 8 bits.
Position value of peak in each gate 14 bits.

Power Supplies

 +5V supplied with a dual USB cable


solid aluminium enclosure
Ext dimensions:
LxWxH 225x105x30 mm

 Operating Temperature

0 to 40°C


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Specs. SFT4001- USB

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