ERW On Line UT Inspection
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The On-line equipment can be installed immediately after welding and can operate at elevated tempratures without precooling.

The system includes :
CCD camera
>   Laser pointer
>   On-line Calibration standard
>   Local printed report
>   Fully programmable settings
>   Proximity safety switch
>   Meets specifications API5L,ASTM A53
     ARAMCO, ISO33183 ....


A unique multi-channel UT system :
Mill speed more than 120 m/mn,fully,
>  2000 meas/S for each channel
>  4 channels weld inspection
>  4 channels delamination
>  Alarm and warning for each channel
    teted at each shot
>  Tracking system link through "Profibus"



Quality - Safety
Many safety features are included in this system, not only to protect the equipment, but also the operator. A proximity  safety probe is used to protect the test head from injurious mechanical conditions.When the proximity safety probe  detects injurious mechanical conditions , all probes are lifted clear of the tube surfaceA flow meter installed on the system couplant supply line will immediately lift the testing probes when couplant flow decreases or is absent.
The probes cannot contact the hot tube surface in the abscence of couplant for cooling purposes.An alarm light or horn announces that the probes are in the "No Test" position.In addition, mechanical manipulation cannot performedunless it is safe for the operator and the equipment.


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