SAW UT Probes
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ERW - SAW Ultrasonic Testing Probes

Probes for SAW inspection

The probe is accurately fixed in the mechanical head which includes the probe holder and the irrigation system.Each probe is designed for a particular ultrasonic test of pipe:

  Weld examination

BD21300_02 ultrasonic probes generates 60°shear
     waves on steel.
BD21300_02     same probes used for longitudinal,
     transversal examination and coupling
BD21300_02  high sensitivity for defect detection


           ERW probes

This probe has been specially designed for flaw and lamination testing on welded pipes and tubes.A multipoint irrigation system provides local coupling that ensures easiness of mounting and adjustment.Their reliability and performance have already been proven on many occasions


Flaw testing probes are designed to generate 45°Shear wave in steel,this is in order to work in pulse echo mode with a minimum of parasitics echoes.

Strip edge lamination examination

* single crystal probe-paintbrush type
* excellent near surface resolution
* large surface covered by one probe

For lamination testing each probe uses two transducers constructed within a single housing.This technique provides advantages over classical transducers:
       * Excellent near resolution power
       * Excellent small flaw sensitivity
       * Few surface wave generator
       * Dead zone almost nil

Body lamination examination
* dual crystal probe
*  model for a large range of thickness

* high sensitivity of lamination detection




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