SAW Linear or Spiral & ERW Welded Tubes
      Ultrasonic examination up to 32 channels
             Real Time Strip-Chart and Full trace ability

Applied standard:
External defects           API5L-2000
+Internal defecrs         ARAMCO-SHELL
+HAZ delamination       ISO 3183
 and full body               alarms monitoring
+Couplant monitoring   defects marking
 at each shot                High PRF capability


Perfectly adapted to Mill On-Line and Off-Line with highly integrated components for high speed use.
Completed digitized channels per card.




Retrofit of old installations

Process network link(Tracking System)
Connection to PLC for automatisation

Contact us: we also supply complet mechanical devices for ON-LINE and OFF-LINE testing

Turnkey systems for all production inspection fully automatised.



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SAW Linear or Spiral and ERW welds Tubes