SAW Spiral Pipe ON-LINE Weld Inspection by UT

         The weld test can take place just after the welding during the pipe manufacturing process

Pipe manufacturing range:
Pipe diameter range:324 mm to 3000mm
Wall thickness range: 4 mmto 25 mm

     The system includes:
BD21300_0202  UT probes (4 to 8)
BD21300_0202  Multi-channel UT system(2000 meas)
BD21300_0202  Fully programmable settings
BD21300_0202  Marking on tube for:
            -longitudinal and transversal defects
            -HAZ inspection
            -Loss of coupling
BD21300_0202  Linked to Body lamination inspection 2 or
          4 channels
BD21300_0202  Data capture:
            -First printout: produce scanning info
            -Second printout: summary and full
                   report,traceability of each defect
                   or loss of coupling detected for a
                   complete coil
            -Storing on CD-Rom

 Meets Specifications
           API  5L  2000
         ISO 3183-3                                    ARAMCO


PC_Process-Length of Scanning
                       Up to 700 mm


6 channels head
  BD21300_0202 IIK or IIX pattern
 BD21300_0202  60° or 70°shear wave UT probes
 BD21300_0202  Coupling stability control at each shot
        (X pattern)




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SAW spiral pipe on-line weld UT Inspection