SAW Pipes Ultrasonic On-Line strip Delaminations
                        Monitoring 100%
                             56 channels

The Strip delamination inspection system is placed before the forming cage and provides on line full automatic examination.It is designed to work, in harsh environment,just after the milling machine.
The system works in parallel mode and allows detecting the defects at 50% of the wall thickness, with a reference standard for calibration as FBH of 3,5 or 6.25.The coverage is now 100% of the Strip width up to 2,800mm.
This avoids ususlly to retest as full body and save time in production.

The system includes:
Multiprobes Mechanical head
Individual coupling control
High stability
Lateral adjustment of each channel


Measurement screen

Coils With Range
800 mm to 2800 mm
Wall thickness range:3.5 mm to 25 mm
-UT settings
-rejects alarm on defects
-coupling check alarm on each channel
- automatic printing function
-automatic full record
-tracking connection capability
-SQL Server Database


BD21300_0202 Ultrasonic probe
Dual crystal 52x4mm probe
-self water couplant
-Wear SIC protection devices
BD21300_0202Ultrasonic Board
-SFT4001HPCI 2 channels
-High pulse rate frequency
-High resolution
-MUX 8
 Paint marking
Monitoring including shift register for defects and coupling alarms



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SAW pipes UT On-line strip Delaminations