Eddy Current Appl.Lab.
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Eddy Current Applications

SOFRATEST Eddy Current Applications Laboratory offers possibilities to realise varied feasability studies of non destructive testing by Eddy Current. SOFRATEST designs and produces its own Eddy Current system and Probe.
Its means ...

 SOFRATEST Eddy Current Probes

- "Hot rod " Probes:
up to 1200 C
         - External and internal Probes:
8 to 200 mm
             High power
         - Surface Probe
Diameter from 0.8 mm
         - Specifics probes:" Polyprobe  "
To control and to follow specific shapes
                such as rails, profiles, etc..

Means of the Laboratory

- Sofratest Eddy Current PC card based equipement:
Low frequency
                                          High frequency
           -  Sofratest Eddy Current Computer
with its software : PC 6000
           -  Complete high temperature inspection
CASTEL equipment 1200 C wire rod
           -  Evaluation system
Acquisition,analysis EC signal

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